How To Load Your Trailer Bin Properly

Having a trailer bin can be a useful addition to your business. Since you can easily organize bin hire Mornington Peninsula, you can ensure your waste is disposed of properly. This will save you fines and penalties, and it will also show your customers just how careful you are about waste, recycling, and how much care you take over your impact on the environment. 

All in all, there are many more benefits to hiring a trailer bin than not. The one problem that some people come up against, however, and that causes them issues with their bins, is knowing how to load them properly. Unless you have understood what can and can’t be disposed on in the bin, those fines and penalties you are trying so hard to avoid might come your way despite your efforts. 

Read on to find out how to load your trailer bin properly. These tips will help you, your business, the firm you hire the bin from, the waste site, and the planet. They’re well worth understanding in more detail. 

Weight Allowances

Every trailer bin you hire is going to have a weight allowance. You must be careful not to overload the bin and keep to the allowance, otherwise, when it comes time to empty the trailer bin (often every week, but it will be dependent on how much trash you have, and you can arrange for this to be every other week or once a month, or perhaps more often if need be), that bin might be too heavy to be lifted by the waste truck.  

If this happens, the bin will be left unemptied. No firm is going to want to risk their truck – their means of income – being broken. Neither will they reach in and pull items out of the bin as this is against health and safety. They may be able to advise you on the issue, but in essence, if the bin is overloaded, it’s not going to be emptied at all.  

General Waste and Recycled Waste

There are many different types of trailer bin you can hire, and you should check you’ve got something that is going to meet your requirements before you sign off on your contract. The difference between recycled waste and general waste is a big one, and if you want to recycle more in your business, you are going to need to know which is which. 

Putting general waste in your recycling bin means that everything within the bin has to be disposed of with the general waste due to contamination – you can see how a small mistake could make a significant negative impact on your carbon footprint. However, recycling waste in the general waste bin won’t have such an impact, although it won’t get recycled. 

The key is to check what you are throwing out and ensure it goes into the right bin within your premises, and then it is an easy matter of throwing the items into the correct bin.  

Use Waste Sacks 

To make the waste collection and disposal as mess-free as possible, waste sacks should be used. Also known as bin liners, black bags, or rubbish bags, these sacks should be placed into the bins carefully, so they don’t split open.

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