Green Waste Removal and How to Reduce Garden Mess

The recycling and removal of green waste are just as important as other waste materials. A bin hire company in mornington peninsula can help you get rid of your green waste and reduce garden mess. Green waste is essentially organic waste or garden waste, or any biodegradable materials you grow in your garden. These can include:

  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings 
  • Hedge trimmings
  • branches

Green waste is best dealt with in one of two ways, recycling and composting. Your local authority will collect green waste for you but if you have extra, for example, if you’ve been doing a lot of gardening work, you can use the services of bin hire in Mornington Peninsula. A reputable waste management company will collect your green waste for you and process it at a recycling centre.

Recycling green waste

Green waste is taken to a special site where it is recycled. Any material that can’t be recycled or composted is removed and the remaining recyclable material is shredded. This helps it to break down. It’s then spread out in long piles known as windrows and treated in order to decompose. Green waste is compostable and becomes a nutritious fertilizer for the soil. This rich soil conditioner can then be used for a number of purposes and applications such as agriculture and land reclamation.

Why you need to reduce garden mess

Garden mess can be a health hazard and an eyesore if not collected. It could end up attracting pests such as mice or rats. This is particularly a problem if it affects your neighbors and your garden is so overgrown it is passing the boundary into theirs. A bin hire company on the mornington peninsula can help you reduce your garden mess and clear up your outside space once and for all. 

How to reduce garden mess

The best way to reduce garden mess is by staying on top of basic gardening. Rake any debris regularly and have it collected. You should also mow the lawn and remove any unwanted weeds. Get rid of sticks and any dead plants from flower beds to leave space for new ones to grow. A bin hire company will then be able to collect any green waste you’ve accumulated. You could also reduce garden waste by investing in a chipper or shredder. This will help to reduce the volume of waste and for it to break down more easily in your compost. The most important thing is that you try to reduce yard waste lawfully and in the most eco-friendly manner possible. A local bin hire company can help you with this. Speak to the experts for advice on how to get rid of your green waste in a professional manner. If you want to reduce your garden mess you should consider contacting your local bin hire services. Friendly professionals will collect and dispose of your green waste for you quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for more information about bin hire mornington peninsula, get in touch today.