Reclaim Your Garage Space: Here are 4 Garage Organisation Tips

Is your garage a bit of a mess right now? If so, you’re not alone. Due to its nature, the home garage tends to accumulate more junk than anywhere else in the house. It’s easy to say “oh, just dump it in the garage, and I’ll deal with it later.” We’ve all done it. 

Eventually, though, this sort of solution catches up with you. The garage gets messy and overrun with clutter. And eventually, you can’t use it how you’d like. That’s a problem. 

Here, we show you four garage organisation tips that allow you to fight back. Check them out below. 

Use Vertical Storage

Many homeowners assume that they don’t have enough space in their regular garage and need a double or triple as a minimum. But that’s not the case for those who use vertical storage. 

The idea here is pretty simple: instead of keeping all your stuff at waist- or head-height, use all of the available space in the room, including the areas closest to the ceiling. 

Take a look at how much volume you’re not using at present. Often, there’s a vast amount of “dead space” overhead in most cluttered garages, waiting to hold all your tools. Make use of it. 

Work with a Rubbish Removal Specialist

If you’ve got a lot of rubbish kicking around in your garage, merely piling it into bags and leaving it for your local waste management services to collect is no longer an option. Many times, you need a rubbish removal specialist who can come in, take away all the junk in one trip, and deal with the problem once and for all. 

Rubbish removal is a comprehensive service that provides you with receptacles for your junk, time for you to do the clean-up, plus delivery and pickup. In other words, you don’t have to make repeated trips to the tip. A rubbish removal specialist with the proper equipment does that for you. 

Use Overhead Storage

Have you already used up all the space on your walls? Fear not: you still have the option to use overhead storage. Start by creating fittings for your ceiling that can hold your boxes. Then slide them into place. 

The simplest solution is to take two planks of wood fitted to thinner wooden blocks to make runners. Then place them parallel to each other, just far enough apart so that you can slide your boxes over them, without them falling through. 

Hire A Bin Trailer

Bin trailers are extraordinarily helpful. These are essentially trailers that attach to the back of waste delivery and collection vehicles that you can use to deposit all your unwanted rubbish from your garage. 

A professional bin hire Mornington Peninsula service works like this: 

  1. The bin company arrives with an empty trailer at your site. 
  2. They unhook the trailer from their vehicle and leave it in a convenient location on your property. 
  3. You then fill it with junk from your garage
  4. They collect it after a specified period. 

We’d suggest using a local bin hire company if you have a lot of rubbish or unused items in your garage.